Mission Statement: FPMA strives to promote Podiatric Physicians as the preferred providers of Medicine and Surgery of the Foot, Ankle, & Lower Extremity in the State of Florida and elevate public knowledge of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery at all levels throughout the state.

Vision: To be recognized as the leading voice and pre-eminent resource for the Podiatric Profession in the State of Florida.

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Misc. SAM 2017 Pictures
Pictures taken on-site at the SAM 2017 Conference that took place at the Orlando Hilton from January 18 - January 22, 2017.
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SAM 2017 Exhibit Hall
The SAM 2017 Exhibit Hall was open from Thursday through Saturday during the Conference. The Exhibit Hall was the location of breaks/lunches that took place throughout the Conference and was a hub of activity.
38 Photos
SAM 2017 Daily Cocktail Receptions
The SAM 2017 Daily Cocktail Receptions were a new addition to the SAM Program. At the end of each day, Wednesday through Saturday during SAM 2017, attendees were invited to relax and join fellow colleagues for a one hour cocktail reception after the lectures of the day had ended.
12 Photos
SAM 2017 Presidential Gala
The SAM 2017 Presidential Gala took place on Saturday, January 21, 2017 at the Hilton Orlando.
40 Photos
FPMA Dade Component Photo Album
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